Covamur and Sernoven have sealed a strategic alliance in order to offer energetic optimization

• Covamur’s energetic area is expanded
• Technical and energetic costs are reduced
• Environmental liability projects are implemented
In order to follow the expansion plans of our company, which is looking to offer a greater range of services to our customers, Covamur Facility Services has signed an agreement with SERNOVEN. Sernoven is very present in the food and services sector. It is a company specialized in providing advisory and consulting services for improving energy efficiency and offering technical advisory.
Sernoven also conducts research, comprehensive analysis and energy audits with maximum applicability and practicality in order to carry out turnkey projects with endorsed and guaranteed results.

The agreement with Sernoven may allow Covamur to offer its clients specialized services now provided by Sernoven within the strategy of incorporating activities which may give an added value within the Facility Services area.

Covamur’s activity in the energetic sector is not new; our company has been operating with its optimization area within the LEDs field for several months, and now, with this alliance, we intend to develop this axis of products in order to meet the needs of our customers. Covamur will specifically and through Sernoven offer its customers technical advice for energy optimization in recruitment, performance facilities, management, industrial projects and use of renewable energy in order to improve the performance of electrical, gas and diesel installations, among others.

The goals pursued with this alliance are that our customers reduce the maximum energy and maintenance costs, as well consumption, and that this reduction is permanent. Furthermore, we offer advice on social and environmental responsibility projects’ development. The areas in which Covamur-Sernoven may act are: control of energy management facilities of industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, lighting, hot water for sanitary purposes, hot water for processes, renewable energy, energy management and efficient use in order to ensure that measures are perpetuated over time making the company more competitive.

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