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Sernoven is sending home its employees

“It is not only believing in technology, but believing in people” said Steve Jobs we apply in this business moment we are living. The title seems contradictory but it is not. Sernoven, leader in the field of energy efficiency, in its commitment to innovation and to continuous improvement in productivity and efficiency, launches a mobility plan, which allows telecommuting, family conciliation and free time, demonstrating the confidence in the worker’s responsibility.

This is possible through the implementation of new tools to be connected and centralise all the information. We have achieved this by using tools in the cloud, some own, other external and installing a VPN (virtual Private Network) with capacity for flexible connectivity. People appreciate it, demonstrate their commitment and save money on travel.

The next step is the full digitisation, reducing office space and create common places from workstations. The functions in the workplace are being adapted to the use of mobile devices such as laptops or tablets, which allows the workstation to be wherever you want. In this way, the office becomes a rallying point, a common place to organise meetings and to preserve the team spirit that is achieved with physical contact.

Efficiency is not just a fashion, it’s a philosophy we must all apply to ourselves in any area of our life: we will enjoy every moment more, both work and personally.