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Energy efficiency sernoven-eficiencia-energetica-centros-deportivos-2 Energy efficiency

Sernoven, cornerstone for sports centers energy efficiency

As a result of the experience accumulated on energy efficiency over 5 years, Sernoven has achieved the following excellent results in sports centers energy optimization:

  • Continuous improvement in the performance of Technical and Energy Consulting Service provided for Sports Centers; energy monitoring, changing usage habits, technical management of facilities optimization, maintenance facilities providing optimization, technical adequacy of obsolete or poorly maintained facilities, etc.
  • Through detailed analysis of telemetry data provided by each of the main equipment responsible of the sports facilities consumption, we have achieved to prioritize, according to the guideline customer, measures with less impact on investment and lower amount of savings over those of greater impact on investment and greater amount or vice versa. We reduce up to 40% in electricity bills and as much in thermal bills (gas, oil, etc.) by consulting detail, without necessarily having to take major investments or changes. It should be remembered that funding is provided against cost savings, however small may be the investment.
  • To acquire a deep understanding of the financing models that fit the reality of the sector that has made possible the implementation of energy efficiency measures that require a major investment.
  • Continually increase CUSTOMERS portfolio in this Sector.



Some important milestones:

  1. Air/water cooler replacement project with a hight efficiency cooler with heat recovery for preheating the ACS (hot water for sanitary uses) and semi-Olympic pool water. ESEER> 5 (cooling and thermal energy)

Investment = 241,000 €

Savings = 50,000 € / year

PRS = 4,8 years

  1. ACS production system replacement project of electrical resistance by high efficiency heat pumps (COP> 4)

Investment = 105,000 €

Savings = 24,000 € / year

PRS = 4.3 years

  1. Implementation of remote monitoring system (TELEMETRY) of electrical energy and natural gas consumption for trading variables and consumption habits optimization.
  2. Adequacy of variables instructions and facilities operation (ACS accumulation temperature, flow pumps, pools seasonal temperature, etc.) to optimize consumption.

Investment = 0€

Savings = 15,000 € / year

From SERNOVEN we offer all our knowledge and experience to improve the management of their facilities, to reduce energy costs and improve service quality to its users.