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Guidelines to save energy this Christmas

During Christmas holidays, one of the most energy-consuming elements, for everyone, is the lighting of the house.

It is usual to use bright ornaments at home, which often use halogen technology, high drain. The best option is to progressively replacing it by LED technology, which preferably incorporates solar collector to run, so we are eliminating electricity consumption completely. The same happens in residential buildings with landscaped communal areas. However, in apartments we can only use LED decorative lights to save energy.

On the other hand, the most energy-consuming element during the cold months inside a home rarely focuses on lighting. Put the focus on the elements designed to heat the house, water heating, etc. such as air conditioning, the heat, central heating, etc. In that sense, it is advisable to regulate temperatures as the highest consumption occurs when there are large jumps and systems have to work twice as hard to reach the desired temperature at a given time.

  • Set the temperature between 17 and 18 degrees although we are not inside the house.
  • Set the temperature between 21 and 22 degrees when we are inside the house.
  • Set the temperature of the heater thermostat to 50 degrees in air conditioning
  • Close grids of rooms which don’t need to be heated
  • Each degree reduces consumption by 5-8%
  • With programmable thermostats to save heat, you do not need the entire volume of hot water 24h.
  • Take into account the simultaneity of consumption to avoid peak.
Sernoven App eficiencia energética Valencia Energy

Sernoven developed an innovative system to predict energy results

SERNOVEN will put on the market a self-development application and result of the experience accumulated over the years. With this app we aim to make more comfortable and agile the energy management process for engineering companies which provide its services to business and would like to direct it as a technical support and counsel towards energy cost reduction and implementation of cost saving measures. It will also help maintenance technicians with the daily work giving them a new support.

The developed tool allows modeling the pattern of energy consumption of an installation within the tertiary or industrial sector without having to monitor. The application can predict with a high degree of certainty energy consumption and cost associated faced with any change of used variables of the application. Thus, we give to the owner and professionals who ensure the proper functioning of the installation a very powerful tool to simulate the impact of any action or modification of the original model, with the purpose to contrast potential savings in the installation. Furthermore, among others, let make decisions in advance considering the behavior of electricity markets improving energy management.

In addition, the tool let the user to create personalized rates with which, by introducing contract conditions, you will be able to make a comparison of costs for different consumption rates. In this way, the user can determine if the current rate is the most suitable for the installation.

This tool will be connected to the intra-daily market price data for accurate calculations. In later versions, development planning plans to launch an alerts module based on weather forecasts, so that if an engineering services company provides support to customers from different locations, they will be able to give instructions for a more accurate management taking advantage of the conditions and minimizing the impact of ambient temperature changes. This is useful to customize management in cases of multiple supply points scattered throughout the national territory.

With all of the above, it significantly reduces the uncertainty facing making a decision with this tool which can simulate in advance the impact of potential cost-saving measures and energy management, facilitating the work of Management. Once again, the R&D department of Sernoven gets bring value to its customers and be in the forefront of the energy efficiency sector.