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Self-consumption subsides publication in Valencian Community

Last January 13th was published in the Official Journal of the Valencian Council_DOCV the Council Agreement. It approves the Savings Plan and energy efficiency, promotion of renewable energy and the self-consumption in buildings, infrastructure and public utilities of the Generalitat (PAEEG).

This plan pursues the objectives of global minimum energy savings of 12 % in 2020, 25% in 2025 and that 25% of existing buildings with energy consumption above 200,000 kWh / year must improve their energy rating by 2025.

It establishes a series of measures to achieve these targets covering from:

  • Building a unified management platform to record and control of consumption and thus to study potential savings measures,
  • Paid technical advice on hiring,
  • Define the favorable performances, driving energy audits and certifications,
  • Performing specific energy management plans,
  • Applying efficiency criteria in the procurement of works and property management when purchasing equipment, vehicle fleets, contract services, etc,
  • Apply energy management criteria in building systems of public administration,
  • Apply sustainable mobility plans,
  • Spreads pilot projects, training projects and raise awareness and information to individuals and energy managers.

The “Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE)” is the driver, coordinator and supervisor of the PAEGG.

For more information:
Agreement of the 16th of December 2016, Council, approving the Plan of saving and energy efficiency, promotion of renewable energy and self-consumption in buildings, infrastructures and public utilities of the Generalitat (DOGV of 01/13/2017)