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Energy and water: directly linked…

…So much so that SERNOVEN takes time providing its knowledge in the form of advisory services for water management and treatment in sports centers, spas, hotels, etc.

Sernoven provides technical solutions for water, definitive, effective and efficient solutions to solve problems in this field of water treatment, piping, costs, etc.

It is usual that water management – so important in sports facilities – problems occur to clients of this sector. This leads them to look for an installation company to give them a solution. The solution may or may not be the final and less expensive depending on the installer’s speciality and the problem in question. Sernoven as engineering consultancy seeks the technical solution and the installation company to implement it, to ensure the technical and economical solution for optimal results. The water treatment is so important for installation and its efficiency as acting on the installation itself.

Examples executed:

  • Implementing of an emergency solution to ensure water supply to the sports center in case of failure of the booster group exploiting and adapting existing fire booster group
  • Solution to remove clay, nitrates, sulfates and lime from water well to meet regulations, safeguard the integrity of the installation and reduce the consumption of water and electricity.
  • Implementation of an ecological disinfection system of a pool to reduce direct/indirect cost by 70%


Finally remember that

misuse of products for water treatment can seriously affect other elements not directly linked to the water system, as can be air conditioning systems by corrosion of suspended particles in the air these products generated on the metal.

Water and energy are the basic elements to operate an installation, optimising the efficiency of those implies necessarily act on the other, this is how we help our customers.