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Guidelines to save energy this Christmas

During Christmas holidays, one of the most energy-consuming elements, for everyone, is the lighting of the house.

It is usual to use bright ornaments at home, which often use halogen technology, high drain. The best option is to progressively replacing it by LED technology, which preferably incorporates solar collector to run, so we are eliminating electricity consumption completely. The same happens in residential buildings with landscaped communal areas. However, in apartments we can only use LED decorative lights to save energy.

On the other hand, the most energy-consuming element during the cold months inside a home rarely focuses on lighting. Put the focus on the elements designed to heat the house, water heating, etc. such as air conditioning, the heat, central heating, etc. In that sense, it is advisable to regulate temperatures as the highest consumption occurs when there are large jumps and systems have to work twice as hard to reach the desired temperature at a given time.

  • Set the temperature between 17 and 18 degrees although we are not inside the house.
  • Set the temperature between 21 and 22 degrees when we are inside the house.
  • Set the temperature of the heater thermostat to 50 degrees in air conditioning
  • Close grids of rooms which don’t need to be heated
  • Each degree reduces consumption by 5-8%
  • With programmable thermostats to save heat, you do not need the entire volume of hot water 24h.
  • Take into account the simultaneity of consumption to avoid peak.

Buy at a fixed price or indexed

Recently the electrical trading companies are betting on offer an indexed price, as there is a growing demand for this type of offer. It is not surprising since traditionally indexed price has always been a way to hire the most economical electrical energy.

Why is that?

To understand we can make a comparison with the banking sector. The fixed rate offered by a bank when hiring a mortgage includes detours costs and the risk of fluctuations involving loss to who sells. Indeed, a fixed price is a risk for whom provides it, such risk, let’s call it warranty, is included in the price we finally pay as an additional cost, as well for the fixed interest in the banking sector or the rate of fixed prices in the energy sector. When buying indexed price, we assume that risk. Therefore it is conceivable that it will be cheaper in the medium term. Given that contracts are signed for one year, the risk is negligible.

There is no free lunch

However, the indexed price is interesting whenever we do not charge commission high costs, also called operating costs or fee. The reasonable cost for SMEs is between 3 and 4 € / MWh hired (estimated consumption from consumer or trading company reading). Naturally this is always subject to consumption. Usually, the greater the consumption, the better trading offer.

We don’t need to understand the energy market. Let’s search a good adviser to tell us and ensure that we are paying the right price and, specially that we are optimised over our competitors.

electric power Sernoven

Do you need to change the electric power contracted in your home or business? With Sernoven you have all the keys!

In many cases the electric power contracted does not correspond to the economic optimum value due to the type of consumption and changing legislation which establishes how each type of rate is billed. It is, therefore, to be addressed optimization of this parameter to avoid cost overruns involving not to do it. These are the cases that may arise:

  1. If your contracted electric power is less than 15 kW

Until a couple of years ago in electricity supply contracts with contracted electric power less than 15kW. At that time, the legislation established the need for the Distribution company to install in the electrical panel an ICP (power control switch, interruptor de control de potencia in Spanish) in order to limit the simultaneous maximum electrical power that could consume. The calibre (amperage) of this switch was selected based on the electric power contracted.

With the progressive replacement of analogue by digital electricity meter boxes, the situation changes substantially. The new electronic electricity meter boxes have built-in ICP, which has cutting and rearmament capacity. This can “force” many facilities to adjust the value of electric power contracted to the reality of consumption. As long as the 15kW are not exceeded the process is practically automatic and is done through the trading company with which the supply contract has been signed, (customizing it in the ICP electronic meter box, remote), and signing a new contract that reflects the new power.

Facilities with more than 20 years old must pass an inspection (qualified electrician) and register a Bulletin of the Electrical System to the Distribution company and the Department of Industry.

  1. If your contracted electric power is between 15 kW and 451 kW

    A) Transformer intensity needs to be adapted to new powers.

If the new desired electric power is outside the permissible range determined by the Distribution company according to the electrical system transformer intensity, proceed to its replacement hiring a qualified electrician. This is coordinated first by requesting new powers to the trading company with which the supply contract has been signed and contacting at the same time with the Distribution company to report it, confirming the modifications to be made on transformers and then checking them. It is then a technical and administrative management.

          B) No needs to adapt transformer intensity to new powers.

If the new desired electric power is inside the permissible range determined by the Distribution company according to the electrical system transformer intensity, it is not necessary to proceed to its replacement hiring a qualified electrician. This is coordinated by requesting new powers to the trading company with which the supply contract has been signed. It is then a purely administrative management.

What if we want to increase the contracted power?

Apart from all the above, the situation may be complicated substantially when to request an electrical power increase. Installation requires a new Bulletin of the Electrical System either because not done in his day (no Legalized system), it is not conserved or because the new desired power exceeds the maximum value indicated in the existing Bulletin of the Electrical System.

A) If it is a home, a small business or industry, and want to increase less than half of what had hired or less than 10 kW in housing, 100 kW in small businesses or 20 kW in industry, an electrician can do all formalities and provide the new Bulletin of the Electrical System.

B) If it is a home, a business or an industry and we need to increase more than 50% of what had hired and power is higher than the values indicated in the previous paragraph, in addition to hire an electrician, ask an engineering company that will carry out the necessary project and will legalize it.

To legalize electrical system and obtain a certified electrical system (called Electric Bulletin) it is necessary an electrical project signed by an engineer needs in addition to the paper signed by the electrician in charge of the work. This new bulletin will be required to contract electrical supply, increase contracted power above the maximum value of the existing bulletin and also to obtain the activity license.

C) If the local has public audience, such as large shops, bars, cafes, clubs, etc. An electrician, engineering and OCA (Administrative Certification Organism, Organismo de Certificación Administrativa in Spanish) services for review of the installation whatever the power increase required to perform will be.

It would also be necessary to undertake adaptation works of the installation, which will require at least an electrical connection adaptation and a general automatic switch of the electrical panel as it is an increase of the electric power.

If the distribution network of your consumption does not have enough power available, the Distribution company could request the establishment of a new power line from a transformer center for the distribution, which will also require engineering project. It should also be responsible to hire the work to be done.

Due to the technical and economic implications of all above, on most occasions when you want to increase the electric power contracted, it will be more efficient and profitable perform an optimization study of consumption facilities and optimum power to hire hefting all factors on the line. If you are planning to carry out this improvement, consult our experts where they provide personalized advice and the best solution for your case.